The American President by Kathryn Moore

The American President by Kathryn Moore

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Mysterious Death of Meriwether Lewis
History News
Network - 4/03


The Myth of Tom and Sally
The Washington Times - 1/8/99


Half a Million Purple Hearts
American Heritage - Dec/Jan 2001



Other books by
Kathryn Moore

Dear Harry...
Truman's Mailroom, 1945-1953



(Chapter "Half a Million Purple Hearts")


Books on the Presidents by Kathryn Moore and her friends and colleagues

Dear Harry. . .
Truman's Mailroom, 1945-1953
The Truman Administration through Correspondence with "Everyday Americans"
Foreword by George M. Elsey
512 pages with Correspondence and General indices
- $34.95

"Truman's White House mail room was a town meeting.  In Dear Harry the reader listens in!"
    --- Stanley Weintraub in The New York Times Book Review, October 24, 1999, 47.

"Dear Harry taps into the Truman era in a way no other book has.  It is a grand collection, lively full of surprise, insight, humor and humility.  In all, a very welcome event."
    --- David McCullough (author of Truman)

"Dear Harry presents fascinating examples of the vox populi carefully selected and tied together by the authors' engaging commentary. . . . The pages are enlivened by well-crafted examples of the transitory nature of many causes celebres--- such as the flap over the addition of the "Truman balcony" to the White House --- and the enduring nature of certain issues such as race relations."
    --- Larry Bland (editor, Papers of George C. Marshall)

"A splendid read. . . . The accompanying text is clear, interpretative, and well worth reading in its own right. Readers will find more than a few surprises such as the discovery of an exchange between Truman and his senior advisors on the possibility that the planned invasion of Japan could cost up to 1,000,000 American lives."
    --- Robert James Maddox (author, Weapons for Victory)

"The range of letters that the editors have addressed is remarkable, and they not merely have divided letters into topical categories but annotated them --- this is no simple compellation, one letter after another. . . . Here is new material, wonderfully edited and well worth reading.  It has been in the Truman Library all these years, open and waiting for the editors, and how fortunate it is that two careful scholars have made it available.  This handsome volume is introduced by the former Truman staffer George M. Elsey, bringing further distinction to a first-rate book."
    --- Robert H. Ferrell, author of Dear Bess, and editor of Truman's private papers, in Rhetoric and Public Affairs, Spring 2000.


Eyewitness D-Day
First Hand Accounts from the Landing at Normandy to the Liberation of Paris
Foreword by Norman Polmar - 260 pages - $19.95

"One of the most authoritative and scrupulously researched books on D-Day ever published."
    --- Tom Allen, author and National Geographic Society lecturer on D-Day

"A unique combination of sharp historical narrative, revealing personal testimony, and a remarkable collection of dramatic photographs that bring to life the landings at Normandy and the drive across France."
    --- Stanley L. Falk, former chief historian of the U.S. Air Force and a military scholar specializing in World War II

"A must-read for those new to the subject matter as well as old hands."
    --- Congressman Ike Skelton, Chairman, House Armed Services Committee 

"Beautifully illustrated with photos, maps, and sketches, this book offers an accurate and interesting account of June 6, 1944 landing at Normandy."
    --- Neenah Ellis, Soundprint public radio documentary series program "D-Day Diaries"

"Profusely illustrated with color and black-and-white photographs and illustrations, this book gathers together numerous eyewitness accounts of the preparations for the invasion of France, the invasion itself, and the subsequent drive to liberate Paris. Interviewees served in the U.S., Canadian, and British army, air force, and navy, with selected oral interviews included on the accompanying CD.  There are many helpful sidebars to the text, identifying the various pieces of equipment used by the troops and the divisions involved in the campaign.  Especially interesting is a foldout map detailing what is described as "D-Days' Lost Fleet," identifying the types of ships damaged and sunk on the beaches. Some German reactions are also included, but this is a story told largely from the Allied perspective.  Recommended for all collections."
    --- David Lee Poremba, Library Journal, 4/1/05

Chapter "Half a Million Purple Hearts" in
Hiroshima In History
The Myths of Revisionism
Edited with introduction by
Robert James Maddox
224 pages
- $34.95

"This invaluable work comprises an introduction by the editor followed by nine essays on the highly contentious ending of the Pacific war.  The individual essays assembled here display enormous merit, but this work is far more than the sum of its parts: It marks a key milestone in where the controversy has been, and where it is going."
    --- Richard B. Frank, The Weekly Standard, 8/20/07

"Dresden, whose beauty Vonnegut likened to Oz, became a sacrificial myth in a litany of Western crimes, unrelated to its industrial and political importance to the Nazis.  In arguing in 2003 that "people are lying all the time as to what a murderous nation we are", Vonnegut cited Nagasaki as "the most racist, nastiest act by this country, after human slavery".  Yet, as an outstanding new book, Hiroshima in History, demonstrates, contemporary Japanese government records and memoirs confirm that the dropping of both A-bombs, Nagasaki as well as Hiroshima, was crucial to Japan’s decision to surrender."
    --- Oliver Kamm, The Times (London), 4/14/07

"An authoritative new book, Hiroshima in History: The Myths of Revisionism, edited by Robert James Maddox, shows that there is not a single statement in the documentary record made by a U.S. diplomat to a Soviet counterpart in 1945-6 to the effect that ‘you'd better not cross us, because we have the bomb’."
    --- The New Republic Online, 7/10/07

"There’s a vast quarrelsome literature about the bomb, as you know, and the revisionists are now being revised --- see Hiroshima in History: The Myths of Revisionism, edited by Robert James Maddox, just published by the University of Missouri Press, for the latest arguments."
    --- Geoffrey C. Ward, the writer of Ken Burns' documentary The War in American, 9/20/2007

"This slim volume of collected essays should be considered --- but on the basis of this author's experience, won't be by some --- a definitive refutation of some of the most firmly held beliefs of historical revisionists regarding the United State's employment of atomic bombs against Japan in 1945. . . . Hiroshima in History, edited by Maddox, contains the views of distinguished experts previously published in a variety of scholarly journals."
    --- Thomas A. Julian, The Journal of Military History, April 2008


The American President is a ready reference that any teacher of American history or American government will find useful to have. The layout provides quick access to key facts, e.g, members of a president's cabinet, personal data, inaugural addresses, plus both U.S. and world timelines. Each chapter provides a quick refresher before a lecture on a topic relevant to a particular president.
The American President is a very useful, one-volume encyclopedia. It contains a comprehensive index and has the added advantage of even being cheaper than even the average trade paperback book.
The American President is a fact-filled, easy-to-navigate reference well suited for library use. It should be in all school libraries ranging from middle and high school to college and university collections.
Harry S. Truman:
of Hiroshima

Monthly Features:
September -- It’s “Back to School” time.  Discover what kind of students our presidents were in their early days.
October-- Celebrate the birthday of Theodore Roosevelt who was of one of our nation’s most gregarious leaders.  He truly had a “bully time“ as president.
November -- Last years election was historic in many ways.  Take a look back at other presidential elections that were anything but usual.
December -- Over the years, the White House has become not only the presidential home but the site of numerous traditions, not the least of which is Christmas.  See how first families have celebrated this holiday in this most special home.
January -- Begin the start of a new year by learning how different presidents made their own historic "firsts."
February -- "Love is in the air" when three of our presidents become bridegrooms.  See how Cupid's arrow struck Presidents Tyler, Cleveland, and Wilson, who found time to woo and wed their brides while also running the country.

March -- In honor of Women's History month, learn more about our first triumverate of First Ladies--Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, and Dolley Madison.

April -- Spring is here.  Discover what pasttimes have been favored by our chief executives.

May -- “Give ‘Em Hell, Harry!” became his campaign slogan, and it aptly fit the man from Independence, Missouri.  Learn more about Harry Truman, and how he came to be one of the twentieth century’s key presidents.


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