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Books on the Presidents by Kathryn Moore and her friends and colleagues

Bio: Kathryn Moore
In addition to The American President, Kathryn Moore is the co-author of Dear Harry...Truman’s Mailroom, 1945-1953: The Truman Administration Through Correspondence with "Everyday Americans" and Eyewitness D-Day: Firsthand Accounts from the Landing at Normandy to the Liberation of Paris. She has written articles for American Heritage, American History, and numerous daily newspapers such as The Washington Times, Kansas City Star, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Moore was formerly a historical interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg and teaches American History in Lee's Summit, Missouri. She received the M. Graham Clark Teacher of the Year Award from the Sons of the American Revolution (Missouri Society) in 2009, and is currently working on First Lady of Monticello, a biography of Thomas Jefferson's wife, Martha. - Kansas City's home page
Posted on Fri, Feb. 01, 2008 10:15 PM [Saturday print edition]
Lee’s Summit teacher balances work, family
and writing a book
Bernard Campbell Middle School history teacher Kathy Giangreco has published a book about the U.S. presidents. She recently led her eighth-grade students in a study of the formation of the fledgling country’s government.
Bernard Campbell Middle School history teacher Kathy Giangreco has published a book about the U.S. presidents. She recently led her eighth-grade students in a study of the formation of the fledgling country’s government.
A chance opportunity led a Lee’s Summit educator to publish a book on American presidents while learning about the difficulty of balancing writing, work and family. 

Kathy Giangreco’s book, The American President: A Complete History, was released in October by Barnes and Noble Books.

Giangreco, a 21-year veteran of the Lee’s Summit School District, teaches American history to eighth-grade students at Bernard Campbell Middle School.

The book, published under Giangreco’s maiden name, Kathryn Moore, provides an in-depth look at the country’s 43 presidents and their personal and political experiences.

Giangreco said that the opportunity, as with her previous two books, fell into her lap. Barnes and Noble had approached her husband, Dennis, to write a book on the presidents. Busy with other things, he suggested his wife for the project, as they previously had collaborated on Dear Harry ... Truman’s Mailroom, 1945-1953.

“She already had an extensive interest and knowledge in the presidents,” Dennis said. “It seemed like one of those subjects she could immediately put herself into. This particular one was one where she could get a handle on it and work at a pretty flexible pace.”

The flexibility was necessary as Giangreco continued to teach full time while writing the book. She decided to focus on one president at a time, first researching, then writing.

Giangreco then had to decide how she would work.

“I started off thinking I would do all of the one-term presidents first,” she said. “That didn’t happen. Things happen chronologically. I started with the early presidents since I am more familiar with them. I teach that period and have studied it most recently.

“I found it more difficult to do more recent presidents. There is not as much information. Also, with recent presidents, it is difficult because you have to present it in a non-biased way. I think I did that.”

A great deal of research went into the two-year project. Giangreco enjoyed discovering information on the presidents and their lives.

“I consider it to be like detective work,” she said about the research. “I start with a question, and as I’m looking for the answer, I find myself asking more questions. Soon I’m caught in a web of research. I have to pull back and go, ‘What was the original question?’ ”

Dennis agreed that the research sometimes consumed Giangreco.

She had to find ways to balance her writing with teaching and caring for her family.

“It was a difficult time that required a great deal of scheduling and understanding with my family,” she said. “There were times when I had absolutely no free time.

“I would just fit in writing as well as I could in afternoons, evenings, weekends — whenever I could fit it in.”

Giangreco was pleased with the book and the way Barnes and Noble produced it. “This is something that will stand up and can be used on and on,” she said.

She is scheduled to produce an updated version in early 2009. The new version will include the end of President George W. Bush’s term and information about the country’s next president.

So far, Giangreco has received a lot of positive feedback. Co-workers held a book signing and recommended the book to their family and friends. Her students have said that publishing a book is “cool.”

Giangreco also has received positive feedback from presidential museums, with many requesting to buy copies for their gift shops.

Giangreco, who has not yet heard sales figures, already has started working on another book. Unlike her previous books, it will not have a deadline. She enjoys being able to write at her own pace, which makes balancing writing with her home and work life easier.

The next book will look at presidential wife Martha Jefferson. Because of the large number of books on Thomas Jefferson, she thought it would be fascinating to focus upon his wife instead.

“I find that more challenging, and I always like a challenge,” Giangreco said.


"It runs in the family..."

PLJH teacher and students play a part in flag raising
at historic Great Britain Mayflower memorial


The American President is a ready reference that any teacher of American history or American government will find useful to have. The layout provides quick access to key facts, e.g, members of a president's cabinet, personal data, inaugural addresses, plus both U.S. and world timelines. Each chapter provides a quick refresher before a lecture on a topic relevant to a particular president.
The American President is a very useful, one-volume encyclopedia. It contains a comprehensive index and has the added advantage of even being cheaper than even the average trade paperback book.
The American President is a fact-filled, easy-to-navigate reference well suited for library use. It should be in all school libraries ranging from middle and high school to college and university collections.
Harry S. Truman:
of Hiroshima

Monthly Features:
September -- It’s “Back to School” time.  Discover what kind of students our presidents were in their early days.
October -- Celebrate the birthday of Theodore Roosevelt who was of one of our nation’s most gregarious leaders.  He truly had a “bully time“ as president.
November -- Last years election was historic in many ways.  Take a look back at other presidential elections that were anything but usual.
December -- Over the years, the White House has become not only the presidential home but the site of numerous traditions, not the least of which is Christmas.  See how first families have celebrated this holiday in this most special home.
January -- Begin the start of a new year by learning how different presidents made their own historic "firsts."
February -- "Love is in the air" when three of our presidents become bridegrooms.  See how Cupid's arrow struck Presidents Tyler, Cleveland, and Wilson, who found time to woo and wed their brides while also running the country.

March -- In honor of Women's History month, learn more about our first triumverate of First Ladies--Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, and Dolley Madison.

April -- Spring is here.  Discover what pastimes have been favored by our chief executives.

May -- “Give ‘Em Hell, Harry!” became his campaign slogan, and it aptly fit the man from Independence, Missouri.  Learn more about Harry Truman, and how he came to be one of the twentieth century’s key presidents.


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